I'm Kevin Coy, a Web and User Experience Designer. I create pixel-perfect browser-compatible websites and interfaces that focus on impressive design as much as usability. Creating a unique, memorable, sensory enhancing user-experience is my mission and forte. With the ever evolving world of New Media the audience has grown to expect intuitive, reliable websites. These sites should not only inform but also effortlessly help them achieve their goal, and in return improve their life for doing so. This is my definition of a "positive user-experience" in a nutshell.

I specialize in website design, front-end development, user-interface design, branding, graphic design, art direction and video production.

I have applied my skills to a wide range areas such as online city guides, price comparison shopping, and PLC (Private Label Company) branding to name a few. Here are some of the aforementioned companies: Sport Ngin, Citysearch, PriceGrabber, and VSI (now known as PMC).

My career has allowed me to live in some great places; Milwaukee (5 years), Los Angeles (5 years), Minneapolis (3 years) and now full-circle, back in Wisconsin. Which has also given me the opportunity to work with some great people at solid companies, large and small, as well as for my own clients and projects.